Ongoing Threads

The Drau Silk Caravan

  • The company took a job to find and investigate a particular drau caravan. Their route would have taken them through Hommlet.
  • The caravan passed through Hommlet a week or two before the party’s arrival, and took the north road out of town.

Chaos Rising

  • The stonemason’s apprentice, Tallin, was nearly killed by a block that fell from the almost-finished tower. Marteph the stonemason swears that everything was solid and proper when he did his inspection.

A Crisis of Faith

  • The members of the old faith seem dismissive and suspicious of the Cuthbertites, blaming some of the strange occurrences around town on the displeasure of the old gods.

A Missing Wagon

  • Artis the carter lost a wagon and team recently to the east of Hommlet, near the forest verge.

Ongoing Threads

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